What We Did

EDIT Media is an online resources for developing best practices for inclusive teaching in film and media studies. The focus of the website was a searchable database of teaching resources. I developed this WordPress website with custom content types, views, and templates, and a responsive design.

WordPress, Web Design, Responsive Web Development

EDIT Media was a collaboration from the very beginning, starting with an introduction from one of my collaborators. After our initial consultation, we decided to pull in another collaborator to help with the new branding and brand guidelines. Using the work Tim Bresson put together, I designed a responsive website for Jen that focused on showcasing the teaching materials database and best practice articles.

I employed custom post types and taxonomies to organize the teaching materials, then created custom templates and views that included faceted searching.

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rave reviews

Jen P.edit media group

I had a fantastic experience working with Liza Wilde Co. - better than I could have anticipated. For every request I had, Liza had an answer, whether it was technical or creative. As a result, my website is robust, functions well, and looks beautiful. The site has made a major impact in my field in large part because it is so well-organized, user-friendly, and graphically rich. Liza is highly responsive, clear, and a gave me the tools I needed to keep the website going on my own. I couldn't be happier with the experience.


responsive web design

EDIT underwent extensive cross-browser and mobile device testing, in order to ensure it would look amazing regardless of what device the user is using.